Advantages and Disadvantages of No preservatives Versus Safe Food Preservatives

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Many debates are going on over advantages and disadvantages of using preservatives or diet with “No preservatives”. Role of food preservatives like FoodGuard is to prevent food borne illness and diseases which might lead to food poisoning. Let’s find out more on pros and cons of  “No preservatives versus safe food preservatives – FOOD GUARD”!

No Food Preservatives Pros and Cons

Most of dietitians suggest to go for No Preservatives diet, assuming all food preservatives and food additives are harmful. In fact, consuming food with no preservatives have disadvantages over food with safe preservatives as no food preservatives can be reason for many food borne diseases and food illness.
Time lag between cooking and consumption leads to manifold multiplications of microbes and tropical climate of India very much suitable for the growth.
After eating food which is contaminated with a variety of germs (bacteria, viruses, parasites) or toxic substances (molds, contaminants) one suffers from food borne diseases. Symptoms of food poisoning may occur after minutes to hours or days depending on amount and variety of germs. Most common symptoms of food borne illness are nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, stomach upset, fever etc..In few cases food poisoning may lead to failure of vital organs and may be fatal.
One can take benefit of food preservatives – FoodGuard to guard human health through arresting growth of germs in variety of food items at various stages of food chain including during time of storage, transportation and cooking by ultimate end user.

Advantages of Safe Food Preservatives – FOOD Guard

During transport of food items from farm to end consumers go through various stages. During this cycle  climatic conditions, hygiene and food safety plays role to contaminate food with harmful toxins, bacteria.  Primary concern of anyone is human health. Benefit and advantages of food preservatives FoodGuard is to protect human from food borne diseases, food borne illness and food poisoning caused by consumption of contaminated food.
Food Guard safe food preservatives – guard human health through arresting growth of bacteria. Many pathogens present in tiny number grow very rapidly and in few hour growth is so much to cause food borne illness and food poisoning. Their metabolic waste products are toxic too,

natural food preservatives -preventing growth of microorganism
Microbes in food with FoodGuard


Many pathogens present in tiny number grow very rapidly and in few hour growth is so much to cause food borne illness and food poisoning. -food with No preservatives
food borne illness
No food preservatives Vs food containing FoodGuard

Food Guard is safe food preservative which is harmless, easy to use and naturally found in many part of seeds, fruits and vegetables.
Safe food preservatives – Food guard help to prevent food spoilage, food borne illness and food borne diseases by targeting and arresting growth of disease causing microbes in various food items.
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