Food Preservatives Expert Since 1988

New introduction of Ganesh Benzoplast Limited Food Guard, Preser Fish, Meat Guard and  Atta Guard for preservation of food, fish, meat and flour. Ganesh Benzoplast Limited is acquainted with food preservatives since 1988. Renowned manufacturer and exporter of approved, safe, harmless food preservatives for food, drinks and beverages since than.
Processed using high quality ingredients, food preservatives and chemical additives are in conformity with prevailing intentional quality standards. Customer care and support are key back bone of Ganesh Benzoplst limited which are very well appreciated by end users of preservatives in food, drink and beverage industries.
To cater customer better and to extend further assistant to SME customers; hoteliers, restaurant owners, caterers, food chain supplies Ganesh Benzoplast has appointed Agarwal Bulk Active Private limited their authorized distributors for Brands PreserFish – fish Preservative,  FoodGuard  – Safe, harmless Preservatives for food, drinks and cakes; AttaGuard  – Preservative for aatta (flour) and MeatGuard – Preservative for Meat and poultry!
food preservatives,meat preservative, fish preservative,flourpreservative,preser Fish, Meat Guard,AttaGuardOur customers include caterers, hoteliers, street food vendors, home made meal suppliers. We contentiously assist our customers by developing products as per their need. We work in close association with client and provide support regarding application of our preservatives to solve shelf life and deterioration issues faced by customers.