Increase shelf life of food, reduce risk of food poisoning, arrest microbial growth/contamination; maintain food hygiene and food safety

FoodGuard – safe food preservative and food additive, increase shelf life of food, reduce risk of food poisoning by arresting microbial contamination and maintain food safety.

We are engaged in processing and exporting a wide range of food preservatives as well as food additives for more than three decades. Our products are well known in domestic food processing industry. Food additives and food preservatives are manufactured with stringent quality assurance and are approved by food and drug authorities and BIS and FSSAI certified.

We have been asked by caterers and hotel owners to develop products so that food preparation remains fresh for longer time even without refrigeration!

After successful feedback from customers, we have developed dedicated food preservatives and food additive for various cuisines and food preparations:

MeatGuard – Meat Preservative for poultry and meat.
Preserfish – Fish preservative for marine products,sea food and fish preservation
AttaGuard –Preservative for preservation of Flour.(atta)
GrainGuard  – Preservative for preservation of Grains and cereals.

Our safe food additive options find use in a wide  range of processed foods and support the demands of adding color, texture and richness to prepared food items. Some of its features include stable storage properties; completely harmless to humans; made available in different packaging options; product developed after extensive product research using food grade ingredients to assure of safe usage.

All our food preservatives increase  shelf life of food  and reduce risk of food poisoning, arrest microbial growth  and contamination and help to maintain food hygiene and food safety.