FoodGuard safe food preservative for vegetables to keep freshness intact for longer time!

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      Keep sweetsfresh fo rlong time
    Foodguard is organic food preservative for vegetables. Food Guard is very effective to keep vegetables fresh and to preserve vegetables even without refrigerator. Food Guard is safe food preservative for varieties of cuisine, culinary recipes.
    The cool temperatures slow down bacterial growth but they don’t stop the growth completely. Some bacteria can grow even in refrigerator and if salads or raw and cooked food are kept together bacteria spread through cross contamination. Food Guard –  safe and harmless food preservative used in food and to keep vegetables fresh for longer time even without refrigerator. You can preserve your cooked vegetables,vegetarian and non vegetarian food for longer time using FoodGuard – safe and harmless food preservatives.
    Safe and harmless food preservative – food guard effectively use for prevention of food spoilage thus food borne illness.
    FoodGuard is successful food additives and preservative used for preserve food and to keep food fresh for long time find applications cooked, semicooked or uncooked  food recipes, vegetarian and non vegetarian food.
    In India, spoilage of food takes place due to atmospheric conditions aiding contamination and increase in microbial numbers.
    Even though best standards of food safety and food hygiene are maintained, there are chances of food spoilage due to tropical environmental conditions of India.
    Microbial food spoilage leads to food borne illness and diseases and also food wastage!
    Food Preservative, FOODGUARD, mango juice, mango sharbat, fruit juice,fresh fruit juice, fruit juice recipes; natural food preservative, natural food additive, preservative; chemical preservative; freshness of food, freshness, food SafetyFood Guard is safest antimicrobial agent, prevents food spoilage without any harmful effect on human beings.
    Antimicrobial agent and safe organic food preservative – foodguard keep food fresh for long without altering original taste, texture, aroma and nutritive value of food and vegetables. Know what is foodguard!
    Few of food spoilage avoided by most accepted organic food preservatives -food guards are:
  • All recipes containing Potatoes – Meshed potatoes,boiled potatoes used as fillings or for making batata vada,samosa, parathas and so on..
  • Recipes containing tomatoes and tomato puree, tomato ketch up
  • Drinks, fruit juices,cold drinks, sharbats, aam ras, pineapple juice, kari ka juice and so on
  • Various recipes containing green leafy vegetables and chutneys like coriander, phudina (mint)
  • Coconut Chutney – one of the most vulnerable and most extensively used in food preparations.
  • Recipes containing lentils in liquid forms like dal,sambhar etc.
  • Rice recipes like pulav, biryani etc..
  • Sweet Recipes – basundi, pedha,rasgoola,barfi, ladoos and so on
  • South Indian recipes –Dosa, Sambar, upma,masal dosa,chutneys, biryani and so on.
  • Punjabi seasoning and many more!