Shri. Narendra Kumar Owner Balaji VadaPav Center,
FoodGuard,Food Guard, Vada Pav,Our Vada Pav is very famous in Bhayander, To keep the boiled potato and chutney fresh was a big problem, I use to boil potatoes in every 2 hours and make fresh chutney every hour which was time consuming . But after using Foodguard our potatoes and chutney remain fresh for a long time. This saves my time n money and also the vada pavs taste remains the same

Shri. Arun Shettigar, Owner Purnima Lunch Home
food Guard, Foodguard,natural preservative,keep food fresh,dal, chutney For me to keep our Sambhar, Dal and Chutney fresh for long time was a big problem, within few hours it use to get sour, Then i start using foodgaurd, now my sambhar, dal and chutney stays fresh for a long time,My client do praise for the taste and freshness. After using foodgaurd i got a big relief from making sambahr, dal and chutney every now and then.

Shri. N.N. Choudary,  Owner Choudary Sweet & Farsan
Food Guard,FoodGuard,NN.Chaudhary, Chdhary fursan,Rasagulla,gulab jabun, natural preservatives Our Rasgullas And Gulab Jamuns are the most running products, But for me to keep the sugar syrup fresh for a long time was a big headache, Its turns sour in few hours due to which the taste of our gulab jamnun and rasgullas were suffering. But now after using Foodguard our sugar syrup stay fresh for long time and also the taste of gulab jamuns and rasgullas remain the same.

Prop.Ravi Shetty, Bamglore Swastik Bakery
Food Guard,Foodguaard,pastries,rvi Shety, Firstly I was having a problem to keep my pastries fresh, but now after using Food Guard my pastries remain fresh for long time and even the taste remains the same.