About FoodGuard

FoodGuard - The Great Asset in The Pantry to Guard Food and Increase Shelf Life!

Deterioration of food is evidenced by alteration in the appearance, colour changes, pockets of gas / swelling, texture - sticky, soft and mushy, odour and flavour or slime formation.

With our proven FDA approved FSSAI licensed food additive FoodGuard you can serve Safer Food to consumer and in turn get better business as a result of preventing food wastage!

FoodGuard - The Best protector to prevent food spoilage!

FoodGuard is a great asset in the pantry specially of commercial kitchen. FoodGuard – FDA approved FSSAI licensed food additive prevent food spoilage, increases shelf life and helps to create more business through preventing food wastage. Food items get spoiled due to contamination from various sources, FoodGuard defend those contaminants and guard food from spoilage and increase shelf life of food items.